Local Boulder Area Rides

In a town with extreme athletes some will find these rides moderate or even easy. Many will not. Most of these rides contain some dirt sections, the exceptions being Open Season and Reverse Raymond. Often these sections are: unfamiliar, smooth, beautiful, quiet, and lonely. Sometimes they are steep, rough and loose. We do all of these rides on our touring bikes with 700C x 35 or 700C x 38 tires, but on most of the dirt sections we have encountered riders on racing bikes with skinny tires. If you are uncomfortable on a descent consider slowing down or walking. Use your own judgment.

The Overview maps give route beta and are the best for orientation. Look at these first. They are the same as the links above. The Profiles show the climbs and descents. The Detail maps take longer to load, but allow more map types, including topographic. The KMZ files are viewable in a geographic browser such as Google Earth. The GPX files are GPS Exchange Format files including waypoints and routes.

Route Data
Coal Gap OverviewCoal Gap ProfileCoal Gap DetailCoal Gap KMZCoal Gap GPX
Coal Gate OverviewCoal Gate ProfileCoal Gate DetailCoal Gate KMZCoal Gate GPX
Eight Ball OverviewEight Ball ProfileEight Ball DetailEight Ball KMZEight Ball GPX
GoldStaff OverviewGoldStaff ProfileGoldStaff DetailGoldStaff KMZGoldStaff GPX
Gross Gap OverviewGross Gap ProfileGross Gap DetailGross Gap KMZGross Gap GPX
Magstaff OverviewMagstaff ProfileMagstaff DetailMagstaff KMZMagstaff GPX
Open Season OverviewOpen Season ProfileOpen Season DetailOpen Season KMZOpen Season GPX
Reverse Raymond OverviewReverse Raymond ProfileReverse Raymond DetailReverse Raymond KMZReverse Raymond GPX
Sugar Lick OverviewSugar Lick ProfileSugar Lick DetailSugar Lick KMZSugar Lick GPX
Swiss Sugar OverviewSwiss Sugar ProfileSwiss Sugar DetailSwiss Sugar KMZSwiss Sugar GPX
Ultra Flag w/ Sugar OverviewUltra Flag w/ Sugar ProfileUltra Flag w/ Sugar DetailUltra Flag w/ Sugar KMZUltra Flag w/ Sugar GPX
Ultra James OverviewUltra James ProfileUltra James DetailUltra James KMZUltra James GPX