Ultra James w/ Brainard Lake Bonus

The top of James Canyon (Overland Dr.), Lick Skillet and Gold Run Rd. are dirt. Overland Drive is popular with road bikes. Don't miss your bonus, but be aware there may be a $3 charge. I recommend a stop in Ward for Hacky Sack, a drink and refueling. Lick Skillet is steep and sustained (1.02miles @ 13.9% including 0.70miles @ 16.6%). It can be a challenge to clean, depending on surface conditions and tires. 55 miles.
  1. Boulder
  2. Broadway & Lee Hill
  3. Old Stage & Left Hand Canyon
  4. Left Hand Canyon & James Canyon
  5. Overland Dr. & Peak to Peak Hwy.
  6. Peak to Peak Hwy. & Brainard Lake Rd.
  7. Brainard Lake
  8. Peak to Peak Hwy & Left Hand Canyon
  9. Left Hand Canyon & Lickskillet
  10. Gold Hill
  11. Four Mile & Boulder Canyon
  12. Boulder
At the start you can take the on street bike path on 13th to avoid some of Broadway. If you zoom in too much Google may erroneously route you on Chantham St. near Ward - instead just stay on Brainard Lake Road, Peak to Peak Highway and Left Hand Canyon in this area. At the end you may wish to finish on the Boulder Creek Path and Arapahoe Avenue instead of taking Boulder Canyon all the way into town.
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