Reverse Raymond

A twist on a classic. This route is all paved, and is a especially good during the early season when conditions can be muddy off the pavement. We prefer the shortcut of going over Lee Hill instead of Old Stage, this saves 2.3 miles at the cost of an extra 110 feet of climbing. 59 miles.
  1. Boulder
  2. Broadway & Lee Hill Dr.
  3. Lee Hill Dr. & Old Stage Rd.
  4. Lee Hill Dr. & Lefthand Canyon
  5. Ward
  6. Peak To Peak Hwy & Riverside Dr.
  7. Riverside Dr. & South Saint Vrain Dr.
  8. South Saint Vrain Dr. & Railroad Ave.
  9. Ute Hwy. & Foothills Hwy.
  10. N. Foothills Hwy. & Broadway
  11. Boulder
At the start/end you can take the on street bike path on 13th to avoid some of Broadway. Turn from the N. Foothills Hwy. when you hit Broadway despite what the map on this page may show when you zoom in.
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